It’s Not About ME- Day One

Today’s point to Ponder is remembering that your life’s purpose is not about you and what you want to do with your life, it is about what GOD wants you to do.  It’s amazing how a point so simple makes you really think.  We tend to make everything about us, and what we want out of our lives.  Many of us are only able to “let go and let God” to the extent that we like the outcome.  It is extremely difficult to continuously remind ourselves that to do God’s work, at some point we may have to put aside what we want out of life, and walk completely by FAITH.

Although it will be a challenge, I will have to take it day by day and remind myself that my life’s journey is about God’s plan for me.  Although he wants me to enjoy my journey, I have to keep in mind that when things aren’t going my way… they are probably going HIS.

Until Next time,

Lauren Reche’

“Strivers Achieve What Dreamers Believe”


The Purpose Driven Life

So for Lent, I decided to use my 40 days to finally read the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren. I’ve had the book for a while, but have never taken the time to read it all the way through. The hardest part is the fact that you are only to read one chapter a day… and usually by Day 3, I get sidetracked with something else. Hopefully by Blogging about my reflections regarding the book and  I will be able to hold myself accountable and make sure I make it the full 40 days.  Although I understand some of these reflections may cause me pause to discuss in such an open forum, I hope to remain open throughout these next few weeks.

As a “quasi-Catholic” (I’ll explain in another post), I love LENT. I believe it is a time of deep meditation and reflection about your relationship with GOD. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I will be giving up for the LENT (Clearly I’m late), but as of now, I will give up meat. I will let you guys know when I think of what else I can “sacrifice”.  (I know, I know… Redbull should be at the top of the list… We’ll See)

Anyways, Just wanted to make a short entry about my Journey. Hope everyone stays Blessed!

Lauren Reche’

“Strivers Achieve What Dreamers Believe”

J’aime PARIS

A few weekends ago I went to Paris, France for the first time and completely understood why Paris is considered the “City of Love”.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel a little sad going to such a city without my significant other, however, I fell in love with the city just the same.

There is something about the aura in Paris that is so Romantic.  We were constantly greeted with “Bon Jour ma chérie” and “Ooo La La” as we walked down the streets of Paris! lol  And, although I never took a moment of French, I was extremely proud when I was able to walk through the streets constantly saying “Pardon”, “Merci Beaucoup”, throughout the hustle and bustle of the busy alleys.  Other than Excuse me and thank you very much, the only other thing I learned to say was my name!  But I felt like a true Parisian nonetheless.

Although a weekend was not nearly enough time to truly experience all there was to see in Paris, it was enough to get a good start, and view many of the important monuments.  We were told that the Louvre was free on Sunday, and when we showed up there was a 6 hours queue to get into the building.  Needless to say, we did not wait in line. But I look forward to going back to see the Louvre next time I go to Paris.

We did get a chance to visit Le Basilique du Sacre’- coeur (Basilica of the Sacred Heart).  It was absolutely beautiful.  Pictures weren’t allowed inside of the church, but the views are etched in my mind.  I was overwhelmed with emotion as I lit a candle and stood in this beautiful Basilica.  The church is built looking down on the rest of Paris.  The view from there is amazing!  Definitely worth the hike.

The food in Paris was great!  I was expecting it to be bland, however was pleasantly surprised with my meals.  My favorite part of my trip was grabbing a tomato and mozzarella sandwich on the street.  Something about it made me feel like a true Parisian! lol There was a place to eat on every corner, and a Gellato store every block!  Good thing we did a ton of walking!

The Eiffel Tower was absolutely breathtaking.  Pardon my French when I say this, however, I wasn’t very interested in seeing the Tower until I got to Paris.  I know, it sounds crazy, but I thought it was going to be just another big monument to check off my list.  However, the aesthetics are amazing, and the thought that Monsieur Eiffel had the foresight to build such a monument for the World Fair amazed me.  Looking at the Tower completely lit up was absolutely stunning.  I could have stayed outside looking at it for hours, as I stood there with my heart racing, looking at this breathtaking tower with a mix of feelings swarming around inside of me.  My first thought was “I wonder how many people are proposing here tonight” (It seemed like the perfect spot to “pop the question”, and as I looked around me, I saw nothing but couples).  My Second thought was… “The world is such a large place”.  As I looked around, I began to feel extremely small.  I was all of a sudden aware of just how big this world is and how much of it there is to see.

This experience has made me realize my thirst for learning about other cultures. I can’t wait to expand my horizons and explore the rest of this wonderful world.

But until next time…

Au Revoir,

Lauren Reche’

~Strivers Achieve what Dreamers Believe

London Thus Far…

What I have learned in London Thus Far:

1.  Always carry an umbrella and a Jacket: Ever since I got here, it has been cold and raining.  Every now and then the weather will break, and it will warm up for a while, only to cool back down with more rain.  However, even with the steady overcast here, the sites are beautiful & architecture unreal.Beautiful Architecture

2.  Lemonade is not the Minute Maid Classic I know and Love:  I ordered a Lemonade at a restaurant, and was surprised to find that it consisted of a clear carbonated Beverage with a lot of lemon flavoring… Kind of like a sprite without the lime! lol  I was sad to say the least, but it was somewhat refreshing.

3.  Converters and Flat Irons don’t mix all that well:  I almost lost my lifeline (my Flat Iron) after I plugged it into my converter.  The converter started smoking and my flat-iron essentially melted the glue that was holding the Plates to the iron…. I almost Lost my mind!  But no worries everyone the Flat Iron Survived!!!  May need a little repair though.

4.  Big Ben, is pretty Big:  Our class went to the London Eye after our orientation to enjoy the view.  Everything was beautiful.  Although I haven’t had the chance to see many sites up close and personal yet, I did get a good look at the notorious Big Ben!

Big Ben

5.  All English is not the same:  Ever since we arrived my friend and I continuously laugh at the “language barrier” that seems to exist between us and some of the locals at restaurants and shops.  For some reason, they look at us as if we are speaking a totally different language than they are.  Although I realize that there are several nationalities we have come across since we have been here, people here look at us as if we are speaking Swahili. lol All of this does make me realize just how many words we use in America that have Spanish or French origins.  Either way it goes, I am continuously trying to perfect my British accent, and hope to have it perfected by the time I leave.

6.  Indian Breath fresheners make me feel like a Bird:  We went to an Indian restaurant during orientation for lunch.  The food was interesting to say the least, but overall was good.  They let us sample pretty much everything on the menu, some things I enjoyed, and some I will probably never eat again.  While leaving the restaurant I saw a tray of assorted colorful seed-like food.  I asked the lady what it was and she told me they were Breath fresheners that they use in India.  So I tried the red ones… and I felt like I was eating bird seeds with a hint of mint.  I found the whole idea rather interesting however!

The Indian Breath Freshener...This is what I ate...About to try it!

7.  London would be so much more fun if I were RICH:  the other day we took the underground (the Subway) to some of the shopping areas. It was gorgeous of course!  There were literally Blocks and Blocks of Beautiful buildings that housed every clothing store you could imagine, everything from Louis & Hermes, to H&M & Guess even a Bentley & Rolls Royce Store on the corner.  I was in Shopping Heaven.  I even walked past my BFF Tiffany’s but didn’t go in 😦  There was so much to see.  We walked for a few hours and probably didn’t even see half of the stores in that area.

Louis VShopping!

8.  Don’t try to get on the subway during “rush hour”:  I keep hearing that many Americans are looked at as impatient, spoiled, and rude people who are always in a hurry.  However, the few days I have been here, I have yet to hear one “excuse me” as we hustle through the crowds and are bumped and pushed along through the tunnels of the subways and moved out the way through the streets.  Today, when everyone seemed to be getting off work, the underground was packed!  They closed the doors into the subway station for a while to let the people thin out before we could enter.  Even when we made our way downstairs, everyone was fighting their way onto the train.  Once we made our way onto the train, it was like we were in a can of sardines, holding our breath, until we made it to the next stop.  I have never been so close to a group of strangers in my life.  Thank God I’m not claustrophobic.

A crowded Subway

9.  Never Throw away your change:  In America we are so use to throwing our change into our bag only to have to “dig it out” when we feel we want to “get rid” of it.  The first time I bought Coffee, I was surprised to learn that there is nothing smaller than a £5 bill.  When the guy gave me a handful of coins and told me it was £5 in change, I looked at him like he was crazy!  The money is a bit difficult to get use to, and it normally takes a while to count my change up before I pay.  I feel like I’m that kid that is in line in front of you at the grocery store with a bag full of coins.  You know that kid, whose mom sits there and lets the child count out each coin “All by herself” so that she can eventually learn the value of money…. Yeah… that’s me right now!

All of our change after Dinner

10.  Smoking Kills:  I am amazed at the amount of people that smoke here.  Everyone walks around the campus smoking and all down the street.  My friend and I were joking around saying that maybe they never go “the memo” here that smoking will kill you.  Then we walked into a convenient store only to see that each pack of cigarettes was labeled with the following “Smoking Kills”.  So much for the “surgeon’s general warning” we have that breaks down the possible effects of smoking.  Gotta love the Blunt, Straight to the point British… No need to beat around the bush.  Guess they got the memo…

All in All, I am loving London and this experience.  I’m looking forward to experiencing more of what the city has to offer!  Stay tuned for more adventures!

Until Next time,

Lauren Reche’

“Strivers Achieve what Dreamers Believe”

Strivers vs. Dreamers

“Strivers Achieve what Dreamers Believe”

This is a quote that first touched my heart in Middle School.  Starting in 6th grade, I had somewhat of an “obsession” with Usher Raymond… although those that knew me back then would say the word “obsession” may be mild to describe what I was going through.  Yeah, he was the Celebrity Heartthrob that stole my heart with his smile, dance moves, and rich voice that blasted through my headphones on a daily basis.  However, as a young girl from a somewhat small city with big dreams, I was fascinated by his story, of how a young man could grow up in Chattanooga, TN and end up being an artist whose vocals & lyrics would change the music industry forever.  As a Dancer and musician at the time, I had so much respect for his musical talents and was completely captivated by him.   I wanted any and everything Usher related!

For my Birthday that year, my best friend bought me the Usher Raymond Live in Concert video  (Clearly it was on VHS lol).  Needless to say I watched it everyday for months!  During the video, there was a part where Usher’s Mother was speaking, and although I don’t remember everything she said during her interview, she left me with a quote that was etched in my mind for the rest of my life.  She was speaking of Usher’s Success and said “Strivers Achieve, what Dreamers Believe”.

I do not know the actual origin of the quote; I don’ t know if she made it up, or if it is something passed down through generations.  Either way, it was the first time I heard such a quote, and it changed the way I looked at my life.  I have always been encouraged by my family to “Dream Big”.  But I have learned through life that having the courage to Dream is only half of the battle.  You must also have the endurance, strength and faith to strive & reach the goal.  I believe that a successful person must truly possess both assets, the ability to Dream Big, and the Strength and Courage to Strive towards that Dream.

So Which are you, a Striver or a Dreamer?  Hopefully a little bit of Both!

Until Next time,

Lauren Reche’

“Strivers Achieve what Dreamers Believe”

My First Post!

So I’m new to the BLOG world, but I thought I would give it a try.  Basically, I’m just a girl with BIG dreams & Solid Goals.  I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and try to live everyday with that in mind.  My mind is usually full of complicated and random thoughts so I wanted a venue where I can fully express myself.  I invite those to follow me on my journey called life as I post about everything from Fashion to Politics and everything in between.   I tend to be outspoken, but I have a compassionate heart.  Most that know me, know that I can be very frank and blunt, however I mean well.  This BLOG will be no different.  So with that being said… Let the BLOGging begin 🙂    

Yours truly

~Lauren Reche’  

Strivers Achieve what Dreamers Believe”